Semi remorque Porte engins


Made of centre box-frame, all steel construction electrically welded. Interchangeable 3,5 king pin.Platform made of heavy duty steel construction electrically welded., Loading-deck convered with 50 mm thick spruce/fir-wooden floor placed longitudinally. Above axles covered with steel chequered plate.Inclined rear part in prolongation of the loading ramps,, Appropriate numbers of lashing points (3,2 to.) integrated in the outer-frame ofloading-deck. 2x250 mm side extensions for a total width of 3900mm (wooden profiles not included, to be provided locally), Narrow gooseneck for heavy-duty OFF-Road application, length approx. 3300 mmTow toolboxes on top of gooseneckTow spare wheel carriers, with winch and handling arm, mounted along gooseneck, Heavy-duty jack stands, 2 speeds, Model Jost3 lines of 2 axles, BPW, capacity 12 T each (24ton per axle line), All axleswith hydraulically forced steering, All axles with ASA an S-cam, 300 mm brake drums, hydraulic suspension with load compensation on all axlesLockingof axle in lowest position of semitrailerLifting of semitrailer so that damaged tyre is hanging free for wheel-change.Unser Angebot ist generell ohne neue TÜV-Abnahme. Falls neue TÜV-Abnahme erwünscht, unterbreiten wir Ihnen gerne ein Angebot unserer Partnerwerkstätten! Fahrzeug kann mit Werbung beklebt und/oder beschriftet sein.Es gelten unsere allgemeinen Liefer- und Zahlungsbedingungen. Gerne erstellen wir Ihnen für dieses Objekt ein Finanzierungs- oder Leasingangebot. Bitte sprechen Sie uns an!

Axles: 3
Delivery date: 2018-03-23
Loading space length: 11m
Loading space width: 3.3m
Loading space height: 0m

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