Camion Nacelle


🇬🇧 Information in English:

Model year: 2014
General condition: very good
Technical condition: very good
Visual appearance: very good

🇩🇪 Informationen auf Deutsch:

Modelljahr: 2014
Allgemeiner Zustand: sehr gut
Technischer Zustand: sehr gut
Optischer Zustand: sehr gut

🇳🇱 Informatie in het Nederlands:

euro 4 l pakket 440 hp
traction 8x4

. German Benz 4144 chassis with cab: compliant engine equipped, has features of advanced performance, large carrying capacity and sufficient power reserve.

2. Well equipped fire-fighting system

PSP1500 pump made by Darley America: driven by full power PTO, has reliable performance and sufficient power reserve, suitable for a long-time operation.

Fire monitor on platform: 3578/1577 electric control fire monitor made by Akron America.

Fire monitor on the top of the tank: PS30/50D manual control fire monitor, supplying powerful support for fighting lower building fire.

Stainless steel tank on board: total volume is 2.9 m3, in which 0.45 m3 for storing foam, and 2.5 m3 for water. Inlets, outlets and control valves are equipped sufficiently for easy operation.

CAFS system: made by FOAMPRO America, mixing ratio is 0.5~10%, with high mixing accuracy.

3. Distributed control technology based on PLC and CAN: for reliable detection of boom angle and length extended, automatic and reliable leveling of chassis, control of radius in various working areas, weighing platform load, ultrasonic detection of platform movement against collision, dynamic monitoring of superstructure and lower structure, human-computer interaction interface with abundant information supply. It contributes to better leveling servo and smooth superstructure movements without shock.

4. Hydraulic system of dual variable displacement pump constant pressure system plus solenoid proportional valve control system: proportional valve opening characteristic curves are optimized, system matching level is improved, system flow is enlarged and operation performance is perfected.

5. H-type outrigger design: 1st-stage outrigger beams are stowed in outrigger boxes during transportation. Lateral outrigger span is 6m. This design contributes to strong leveling capacity, good stress distribution and artistic appearance.

6. Turntable of high hinged point design: for realizing boom angles of -10°~83°. Both control panel and seat are designed into integrated layout, devices are arranged reasonably and slewing mechanism is lateral arrangement on the turntable.

7. Innovated boom telescoping system: compact structure due to reasonable arrangement of sections, rigidity and strength are improved greatly, artistic appearance. The length extended of each telescoping boom section is 8.5 m, rated working height is up to 54 m, max. working radius for rated load may reach the range of 18.5 m~20 m (limited due to different stability in each working area), and the down reach for under-horizontal work is 6.7 m.

8. Optimized folding jib linkage mechanism: jib design of 6 m is available because the stress applied to the jib elevating cylinder is reduced. The optimization is used directly in all aerial platforms and aerial platform fire trucks with a combined boom, consequently the problem about insufficient power caused by extended jib is solved effectively.

9. Lifting ears: for lifting a load by using elevating cylinder. Permissible lifting capacity of boom head ear is 2 t, for platform ear it is 0.4 t.

10. Lateral ladder: rescue capacity is strengthened.

Table 1 Main technical data in travel configuration




Travel Dimension (L×W×H) mm 13500×2500×3995
Max. travel speed km/h 85
Min. turning diameter m 24
Max. grade ability % 25
Braking distance (with full load, at 30km/h) m 10
Approach/Departure angle
18°/ 9°
Front/Rear overhang mm 1440/2770
Front/Rear extension mm 1620/320
Wheel base mm 1700+4300+1350
Track mm 2054/2054/1804/1804
Number of leaf springs (front/rear)
Number of tires (spare tire excluded)
Crew in cab
Weight Extinguishant Water kg 2500
Foam kg 450
Curb weight Gross vehicle weight kg 36900
1st axle kg 7000
2nd axle kg 6100
3rd/4th axle kg 23800
Max. GVW Gross vehicle weight kg 40000
1st axle kg 7400
2nd axle kg 6700
3rd/4th axle kg 25900
Chassis Model
Actros 4144
Second class
Driving type
Daimler AG (Germany)
Engine Model
Fuel type
Displacement/power mL/kw 11946/320
Daimler AG (Germany)

Table 2 Main technical data for operation




Main performance Rated working height m 54
Max. working radius m 20
Platform dimension (L×W×H) mm 2000×900×1100
Rated platform load kg 400
Fire pump Rated flow L/s 50
Rated pressure MPa 1.7
Suction depth m 7
Suction time m 50
Monitor Water monitor Model
1577 PS30-50D
Rated flow L/s 50 40
Rated pressure MPa 0.7 1
Rated reach m 55 55
Monitor travel Below/above horizontal
-35°~+90° -35°~+65°
Leftwards/ rightwards
±90° ±180°
Boom Length Basic boom mm 12900
Fully extended boom mm 46900
Jib mm 6000
Elevating range Boom against horizontal ° -10~83
Boom against jib ° 0~175
Time for deploying boom s 195
Time for deploying outriggers s 35
Max. slewing speed r/min 0~2
Outrigger span (longitudinal×lateral) mm 6650×6000
Compressed air Dry foam Flow L/s 1.5
foam system Reach m 10

Wet foam Flow L/s 10

Reach m 3

we have 2 units in stock only export

Modeljaar: 2014
Algemene staat: zeer goed
Technische staat: zeer goed
Optische staat: zeer goed

Nombre d'heures : 90heures,
Référence parc : 35f04938-aad1-11e9-90d8-42010aa40fde,
Année de construction : 2014,
Nombre d'heures : 90heures,
Type de nacelle : Nacelle télescopique,
Nombre d'heures du moteur : 90,
Bras télescopique,
Nacelle télescopique,
Type de bras : Télescopique,
Longueur de la flèche : 54m,
Capacité de levage : 400kg,
Type d'intérieur : Autre,
Type de pneus : Simples,
Motorisation : DieselAddress :
Buskesdries 14
Andelst - 6673dp

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