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Camion Autres camions
Informations principales
Réf. client : 260424919
Réf. site : 3148686
Carrosserie Autres camions
Marque Mercedes
Modèle 4x4 VARIO Schörling RAIL Two Way SchienenSERVICE
Etat occasion
Date de 1ere immatriculation 01/10/2006
Caractéristiques Mercedes 4x4 VARIO Schörling ...
Capacité du réservoir AdBlue-
Normes Euro-
Position du réservoir AdBlue-
Caractéristiques Mercedes 4x4 VARIO Schörling ...
Puissance150 CV
Puissance fiscale-
Kilométrage11 000 km
Essieux 4x4
Infos cabine
Hauteur cabine-
Longueur cabine-
Type cabine-
Usure pneus avant-
Usure pneus arrière-
Dimension pneus avant-
Dimension pneus arrière-
Etat et dimensions des pneus-
Informations complémentaires Mercedes 4x4 VARIO Schörl...
Boîte de vitesseBoîte automatique
Date de dernière visite Controlographe-
Date de dernier passage aux mines-
Fin de validité Mines-
Type Mines-
Charge utile-
Poids à vide-
PTC8.2 Tonnes
Equipement Camion Mercedes
  • ABS
We offer you a car for sale:

MERCEDES BENZ VARIO 815 4x4 constructed for servicing and servicing traction lines.
Equipped with a HYDROSTATIC system for running on tracks with 1435 mm spacing.DMC: 8.200 kg
The vehicle's wheels do not touch the track head during rail travel.It has the function of rotating the vehicle 360 ​​degrees on the tracks.
Manufacturer of Schörling buildings.
Diesel engine with 150 HP EURO 3 power, automatic transmission, 4x4 drive.Confirmed mileage: 11,000 kmWorking hours on tracks: 637 m / hABSAluParking heaterAdditional air conditioningEBSTowbarFour-wheel drivecompressorCruise ControlESP system
The vehicle brought back, did not work in Poland, comes from the first owner.
Pay the vehicle for a fee and professionally prepare it for operation,register at UDT and provide a TECHNICAL GUARANTEE.
We can dismantle the workshop building for a fee, and replace it with a work platform, a lift, an HDS crane or other specialized buildings using a chassis with a track system.
Our company has the authority of the Office of Technical Inspection to modernize and repair, among others mobile platforms and cranes.
In the current offer we have many other two-way vehicles.
Export price.We provide a TECHNICAL WARRANTY for extra charge !!!
We can professionally build the offered vehicle, among others as:tipper, HDS crane, basket-mounted crane, sand blasting machine, fire truck or other ... WELCOME TO PURCHASE THIS VEHICLE CUSTOMER PRECEDING HIGH QUALITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND SAFETY. We specialize exclusively in off-road vehicles About 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 with specialized equipment. We invite you to our other auctions: Possibility to finance a vehicle By leasing or credit. Please visit our other auctions on We speak in English, German and Russian.

Four wheel drive
Alloy wheels
Auxiliary heating
Exterior color: White
Climatisation: A/C (man.)
Axles: 2
Construction year: 2006
Driving cab: Long distance traffic
Cruise control
Trailer coupling fix
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