Véhicule utilitaire Ambulance
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  •  Pays-Bas Schiedam

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In like manner
built on the same chassis as the Pickup
is the Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ78 Hardtop. Likewise
it benefits from the same strong and safety properties which makes it the best choice in the toughest conditions. As well as the Toyota Pickup
customization has no limit depending on the customers demand. It is available at TMH with The 4.2L 6 cylinders Diesel engine with manual transmission only. Moreover
conversion into a fully equipped tropicalized ambulance is a very good platform. So as to transport injured persons from anywhere on the African ground as far away as it can be
Ambulance conversion
Reinforcement of Patient''s Cabin
Plywood Flooring with Vinyl Coating (Waterproof)
Bulk Head (Divider) with Sliding Window
Electric Panel
Electrical and Electronic Wiring System with 12V DC power outlet
Complete General Light System for Patient''s cabin
Air condition unit for Patient''s Cabin (separate)
Bench made of Steel with storage compartment and equipped with cushion and seatbelts
Steel Cabinet for Medical Equipment and Medicines
Roof Type Ventilation Fan
Glass-tinting of Ambulance
Livery and Designing of the Ambulance Body
Oxygen Regulator with Manometer
Oxygen Flowmeter and Humidifier
An Oxygen Outlet
Oxygen System related Hoses
Fire Extinguisher (2 kg)
Siren System
Amplifier and Microphone
Public Address Alarm and LED Light bar
2 Strobe Single LED Lights
Fog Light
rear of ambulance
I.V. Hook
Small Grab Handle in Rear Door
Loading Ramp
Emergency Hammer with Seat Belt Cutter
2x Oxygen Cylinder
Roll-in Chair Cot - Automatic Loading
Portable Suction
First Aid Box
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