Véhicule utilitaire Ambulance
Options supplémentaires: Ex démonstration
Emplacement: Doncaster
Vitesse maximale: 55 km/h
Transmission: Automatic
Autres informations: Hagglunds has become a well known brand in the civillan market.
These extreme vehicles are capable of travelling on roads at speeds of up to 55km/h.
Also capable of negotiating up to 60% gradients, and they have less ground pressure than half a man's footprint.
These are the ultimate ATV.
Shown here is one of the more popular (special build) versions we have available which is the ambulance model.
The unit is fitted with a Marshalls ambulance body which is fitted with room for up to four stretcher cases and a paramedic.
The stretcher mountings also double as seating for personnel when necessary.
There is auxiliary stowage in the front car for medical equipment.
The undercarriage has been fitted with new tracks, sprockets and road wheels.
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